FAQ on placing orders for Old vehicles registered prior to 1st April 2019 in Odisha

1: What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plates (in short HSRP) is a number plate for vehicles which was introduced by Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MORTH) in 2001. 
It is made of 1mm special grade Aluminium and is laminated with White/Yellow/Green/Black reflective sheets. It has embossed characters upon which Black/White/Yellow foil with security inscription are hot stamped. It also has the following security features to prevent counterfeiting:

O   Hot Stamped Chromium based ‘Chakra’ hologram 

O   ​​​​​​​Ingressed IND Legend 

O   ​​​​​​​Unique Laser etched code

O   ​​​​​​​Hot stamped Black Foil with ‘INDIA’ Inscript

O   ​​​​​​​Snap Locks

O   ​​​​​​​3rd Registration Plate (A self-destructible sticker with chromium hologram pasted on the wind shield of the vehicle containing information about the vehicle)


2: How do I get High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) for my vehicle which is registered before 1st April 2019?

Step 1:You would have to log in to www.makemyhsrp.com(Developed and managed by Celex Technologies – a leading HSRP manufacturer) and then fill up the details pertaining to your vehicle. We shall verify the details from VAHAN and If we are authorized by the manufacturer of your vehicle/Govt to make the HSRP for your vehicle, then

Step 2: Select the Dealer’s location and date of fitment of the HSRP. (Home delivery is available in select Pin code (against a small extra fees)

Step 3: Make payment. Money Receipt would be generated.

Step 4: Get your vehicle to your Selected place of fitment (Bring your money receipt), in case of home delivery, an installation expert will get in touch with you on your selected date.

Step 5: HSRP would be affixed and the details of your HSRP would be uploaded in Government’s VAHAN portal.


3: What are the charges of HSRP?

The rate including fitment at the Dealer’s place depends upon the type and make of the vehicle. An approximate range is given below:

                   2 Wheelers: Rs. 300 to Rs 350 + GST

                  3 Wheelers: Rs 315 to Rs. 350 + GST

                  4 Wheelers: Rs.  500 to 650 + GST

Heavy/Commercial vehicles: Rs. 550 to 650 + GST

      The exact rate would be displayed at the time of placing the order.


4: Does www.makemyhsrp.com makes HSRP for all the brands of vehicle?

No, we do not make HSRP for all the brands. Given below is the list of major manufacturers who has authorised us to make HSRP for them:

Ampere Vehicles

Atul Auto



Bull Machines

CNH-Case Construction

CNH-New Holland


Honda Cars

Honda Two Wheelers


Indo Farm

Jaguar Land Rover

Jawa Motorcycle





Mahindra & Mahindra


Porsche Ag

Preet Agro

Preet Tractors

Royal Enfield

Schwing Stetter


Tata Motors


Triumph Motorcycles


Venus Auto




5: Can I choose the date of fitment?

Yes, you can choose it while you are placing the order.


6: Can I change the date of fitment after I have placed the order?

Yes, you can change the date of fitment.

7: Can I cancel/modify the order?

You can Cancel/Modify the order till the time we have not started the process of making. Once the process starts, it cannot be cancelled.

8: I need to talk to someone. Please give your contact details:

Our Helpdesk contact number is : 033 6828 1111

And email id is makemyhsrp@celex.co.in